For all of this I'm better off without you (krazykwezy) wrote,
For all of this I'm better off without you

three words: oh my god

I don't really remember last night too well..more like bits and pieces..lotsa people, lotsa drinking, losta driving..

highlights of the night:

- seeing my friend that I've known since i was 8..jess is dope!
- even though i wasnt "technically 21" yet, ordering the vanilla sky martini all by myself :P (just the fact that i ordered it myself made it taste yummy)
- Getting into the bar at exactly 12 and having the bouncer say "Happy Birthday Girl!" hehe thats always good when ur not getting rejected
- walking around Dublins drunk outta my mind, not really knowing whats going on..hahaha the night was really a blur.....


- Feeling like complete and utter SHIT on the way back home..i was like feeling queasy and just sick..I think the newcastle i had earlier that day, martini during dinner, long island (that i downed in 2 was really least 4-5 LEAST) kamikaze and midori sour decided to have a little war in my stomach..more like HUGE war actually..and im a LIGHTWEIGHT too!
- Trying to sober up at my house,but feeling worse and worse..i regressed to sitting in my roomates bed, staring at the wall and just zoning roomates were like omg u look so bad...i wouldnt even respond when they asked if i was doing ok..i just kept staring with the blank expression.
- around 3ish..i think i hit rock bottom i couldnt take it stomach turned into complete mush..i felt like the shit needed to get out.
- My roomate looked at me straight in the eye and was like "do you need to puke." i went into the bathroom, took one look at the toilet and just let everything go..i didnt even try aiming i just puked everywhere..on the seat, floor, my was really really bad!
- My roomates came in and were like omg..i cant breathe..hahaha of course vomit smells sick...everyone knows this..i felt bad for them they had to clean it all up :( never again am i drinking that much so fast gona pace the shit next time more drinking for at least a couple of days for me..poor stomach
- Going to see No Doubt tonight..hopefully i will have fun even though im pretty fucking drained..
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