For all of this I'm better off without you (krazykwezy) wrote,
For all of this I'm better off without you

wow wow wow....WOW!

The No Doubt show was the best concert I've EVER been to..hands down. I was kinda skeptcial about them cause i normally wouldnt go to a huge mainstream concert act like them, but i decided to be open minded and give em a chance..i also dont like going to huge arenas cause it lacks the intimate feel of a small club/venue. plus, i dont really like their stuff post tragic kingdom..i found it too poppy and reggae for my i wasnt that stoked about the concert.. but jeeez was i wrong...they blew my mind outta the water!!

Their set lasted for almost 2 hours, and every minute of it was filled with energy, quality music, great entertainment, kick ass performance, the whole shibang...this shit was dope i have to admit..and ive been to my share of rock/punk concerts. I loved how there was so much variety..they played some songs you can rock out to, and then some acoustic sets! i liked the way they used the picture collage mightve been cheezy, but i think it threw in a good element to the mix..

Gwen is just captivating. She is sassy, electrifiying, talented, aweesome voice (sounds just like the CD!!) and just got a fantastic stage performance..dont forget about the other guys..adrian, tony, and tom (and the two black dudes..dont know their names..) all got their own personalitis too..they just play so WELL together..every member adds a certain element to the bands flavor. I cant believe how much i was dancing to "hey baby" even though i HATE that song cause its so lame, i just had to dance cause it sounded so good live..ahahhah so sue me :P

Dude they are such a tight live band...i still cant get over how good they are..they mosh pit was the beginning, my friend and i were in the middle (10 ft away from gwen) and we couldnt breathe cause everyone was pushing up so hard against us..but later on, the pit kinda calmed down, and ppl didnt push up as much.

This band has got my full respect. I normally dont expect bands who reached such a degree of popularity to "Care" about putting on good shows, but No Doubt fucking rock my socks off. if you have the chance to see them, go do it. Even if they arent ur favorite band (they arent one of mine) before the end of the night, they will be at the end.
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