For all of this I'm better off without you (krazykwezy) wrote,
For all of this I'm better off without you

tired and stressed..*sigh*

Godamn, I am so itchy for some reason..maybe cause i'm stressed and tired..arghh i emailed my boss saying that im not going into work today...i need sleep much more shit to do...i still gotta study more for my final/quiz today..arghh

Ok, enough about boring shiet...whats been happening lately for me?

I reaally think i should stay away ALL guys right now..i mean i keep on getting all these red flags but i seem to ignore them. Here are some updates:

Ex: Recently he's been Iming me a lot..i have no idea why but it got annoying when he asked me if i wished we had gone on trips together when we were first i was like what is the point of me even thinking about it right now when the relationship is over..ive moved on, grown etc..then i thought that i was being a lil too harsh so i started being nicer..haha..he was like well i miss you blah blah and wish we can hang out with as first i was like well i wish we hadnt broken up in such a shitty way, and i was like maybe we can hang out as friends..i was just thinking wishful thoughts i think cause i knew that i didnt really want to hang out with him..

Ive realized that the door is finally SHUT, and hanging out with him can unleash a whole range of emotions within in that i never knew existed..on top of that, it can open the door that took so long for me to close..MOREOVER, i dont really enjoy hanging out with them that much cause hes not a good conversationalist and we arent even on the same "wavelength" we are 2 different people who dont belong together. I dont need to accommodate him into my life..hes out of it for a reason and ive been a lot happier without him...growing, exploring, maturing on my own. I know theres a lot more guys out there that will make me happier than him..for right now, i stand confidently by my words that he is NOT what i look for in guys..

Coworker hot friend: remember how i was ranting and raving about the steaming hot guy i met last week? Well on monday, i mentioned him to my coworker and i asked if he was a coworker was like why dont u call him, and he gave me his number (this was thru IM) i was like uhh no..he was like well i just told him that i gave u his that point i was like hrmm then flash forward to tonite..i finally get the guts to call the guy and my worst case scenario just happened..

Summary of convo:

*ring ring ring*

Guy: Hello? *sounds kind of uneasy*
Me: May I speak to W***** please?
Guy: Yeah? (Sounds more uneasy)
Me: This is Christine, Matt's coworker..we met last week at Chilis
Guy: *silence*
Me: Did Matt tell you that he gave me your number??
Guy: No, he didn't at all..he didn't tell me anything
Me: Are you serious? He just gave me your number, and told me to call you...


i seriously thought i was going to stupid fucking coworker is an ass!! he set me up for embarassment..ughh its all good though hot guy wasnt very articulate and sounded not too bright. Thank god im a sharp talker cuz even though i was embarassed as fuck., i still managed to pull it off..when he asked how the number even got brought up with my coworker and i, i managed to play it off..i was like oh i just mentioned that i though it was cool that ur from sd...and my coworker gave me ur number and i thought that it'd be cool to have a new FRIEND to hang out with...and i told him that i think my coworker gave me his number cause he didnt actually think i was gonna call..anyway long story short, he finally ended the pitiful convo by saying he was going to call matt and bitch at him ahha..i deleted his number from my phone shortly after..i think that was the shortest time any person has been on my phone list..anyway...arghhh must stay away from all guys..they are evil

On the happier note, last night i went to see our lady peace at was SO GREAT..there were only like 100 ppl there, and i was 10 ft away from the lead singer..i miss the intimate shows..theres nothing like being at a small place with a kick ass band..i didnt know most of the songs but its all good cause i was feelin the music...there was no was very very chill..well olp isnt a punk band anyway..but duuude lemme tell u about the lead singer..mannn he is one very SEXY mother fucker..i wanted to hump him the entire time! hehe..he looked like a god..the way he held the mike by kinda swaying and doin the brandon boyd thing.. and the way the lights shone on him made him like like other wordly..hard to explain..but yeah my friend and i managed to get this drunk white chick to getus drinks haha..these 2 girls took shots of 151 and i was like damn ur hardcore..then they took me and my friend to the bar and got us drinks..hey i aint complainin!

Ok its gettin late...time to go to bed..i aint going to work tomorrow..i need my sleep to function..its gonna be a looooong day...*siiiiigh* that means i can just party hardier this close yet so farr away...
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