For all of this I'm better off without you (krazykwezy) wrote,
For all of this I'm better off without you


I spent over 280 bucks today buying snowboarding shiet..i probably couldve saved over 100 bucks, but i waited till the last minute to get stuff..i got a pair of burton boots (160) they are baby blue and suuper comfy..i got a pair of angel goggles and burton gloves..all the stuff i got was good quality though

My ex called me last night..he thought we were gonna hang out..again, there was much miscommunication involved and i think he thought i was dissing him..he IMd me wed night and told me to call him on thurs to figure out plans..course i dont have his number and he wasnt online that day..sooo he sounded kinda pissed off after i called him back (he called twice but i didnt hear it ring) soo tired of him. i dont think i can be friends with him at the moment. he always makes me feel like shit and that its MY fault things dont work out. i really dont care anymore and goes to show that he hasnt grown up at all..sad *sigh* almost 24 and still soo many problems..i mentioned that ill be up in irvine next week and he said to give me a call..ehhhh at this point i dont really feel like seeing him..whateverrr...time to find new guys...but where the FUCK are they?
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