For all of this I'm better off without you (krazykwezy) wrote,
For all of this I'm better off without you

this might sound weird but...

Why do I want this year to end so badly??? I'm just tired of everything..

I'm sick of work. I know I should be grateful that I have a job, but for the past couple of weeks, I feel like I haven't been learning anything new, and I'm not being mentally challenged. Lack of stimulation (MENTAL, you sickos!:P) makes Christine a very ancy girl...I hate just sitting around and pretending to be busy..arghh...I wish I could start a new project, or just be more involved..I know I'm only a PT worker, but I wish i just contributed more..compared to my other coworkers, I don't feel like i do jackshit..ehh but i dont gettin just gonna keep working here until i get fired or something..ahaha thats not a very good mentality but gotta think that way nowadays..i cant bitch too much boss is way nice, i wear jeans everyday, listen to tunes all day, and my coworkers are easy to get along with..hrrm..maybe im just being spoiled

I'm sick of this godamn FUCKING SCHOOL! It hasn't been my "scene" from day 1, and it still isnt my scene. I refuse to a school like this, its very very easy to just stop bein yourself, and caving into the whole "UCI bullshit" What bullshit is it may u ask? Well, basically in a nutshell UCI = the congregration of Asians who were:

A) Rejected from UCLA/UCB/UCSD etc (hey, i wholeheartedly admit a UCLA, UCSD reject..but this is my point..)

B) Asians coming from mostly predominantly Asian High schools, and just wanting to continue their lifestyle i guesss..they wanna be the majority i guess at college too and just go here cause they know they will dominate over all races (lame but not bullshitting..)

C) asians who were losers/rejects/outcasts in high school and not want to become popular in college. most of these dumbasses join Asian frats/sowhorities..or just try to get to know everyone and become "popular" this is utterly ridiculous to me..its like GROW THE HELL UP u stupid FUCKER..this isnt HIGH SCHOOL anymore..i dont give a shit if you think you are "popular" in my eyes, ur just a insecure little bitch who is just conforming to what u think is "cool" be yourself, jackass

i am just SOO FUCKING TIRED Of the homogenous, undiversified (is this even a fucking word?!) CLOSE MINDED mother fuckers gonna scream...ive NEVER felt like i found my niche here..i never wil, but i dont really just kinda saddened that i spent my entire college career hating the student body..

I mean shit..everyday i walk around and just laugh to myself..i see all these ppl trying to be SO cool..flashy cars..trendy cars..the girls wear CLUBBING clothes to class..the asian guys pretending to be black "sup DAWG" i saw one asian guy trying to rap..PATHETIC..i was laughing cause he was SO bad..i dont even know what bad rap is, but that was just plain shit..stick to your rice rocket, boy.

in a nutshell, if you arent into the "asian scene" (all asian parties, conforming to eveyone else, disliking white ppl, hanging out with all asians, etc etc) you aint gonna fit in here..i dont even care about fitting in..its not that..its just getting along with the majority of the student population, which i clearly cant..i stand out like a sore thumb with my punkish/skaterish clothes but i really dont care..that makes me just want to be myself even more..arghh im tired as fuck and i shouldnt be this way cause iill be partying it up tomorrow..dont konw if anything made sense..

I'm just sick and tired of UCI bullshit..when can i go to a real school? :/
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