For all of this I'm better off without you (krazykwezy) wrote,
For all of this I'm better off without you

back in "daygo" eww I said "daygo"

Well kiddies, I finally am back where I belong...home sweet home in San Diego...can only stand so much of OC.

Last nite i went to Dave and wasnt what i expected..i thought it would be a nice bar, and nice video arcade wasnt that nice..ehh..but at least i got to meet my friends long-time boyfriend..theyve been going out since they met in music school in its been probably 5 yrs? almost 6? yeah..they are prolly gonna get married..i think they make a really cute couple..they are both halfees friends half thai/white and hes half chinese/white..hes def got the cynical brit humor going on..we all had some drinks..i got a screaming orgasm (wish i had some REAL ones though..hehe) i think it had like kahlua, baileys, vodka, and something else..but it was nummy! so we played a few games, and my friend and her bf left early cause he was jetlagged (came all the way from london) and her stomach hurt..i played a few more games with my friend who i came with, and we called it a night.

Later today im goin to my cousins house waay in the boonies (she married a Native American and they live on the Indian Reservation) she cooks really damn good food though, and we are supposed to go gambling at one of the Indian casinos afterward..goooo Kuei family hehe..

Ok, I didn't WANT to make a small rant about this guy i met a couple days ago, but hes so amazingly smoking that i have to say something. On Tues, I met up with some coworkers to go to Happy Hour at Chilis..Matt and Evelyn. Matt mentioned that his friend is coming to meet us there cause he kinda wanted to hook the friend and Evelyn up. I was kinda curious as to what his friend looked like cuz Matt said that he could model..i was thinking ehh he probably looks like every other white dude.

So his friend finally makes it to Chilis, and i see matt waving him not about to turn around to check him out, so I just sat there waiting for him. OMG..i thought i was goin to DIE when i saw this HOT guy. He was drop dead GORGEOUS. hes like hotter than brad pitt cause hes younger and has a nice complexion. He had these amazing blue eyes that like sparkled..soo pretty..tan, toned (goood bod underneath i can tell), pretty tall (5'11ish), SMILE TO DIE for with perfect teeth, and dirty blonde spiky hair. I started kicking Evelyn when he got to the table, and she was in awe too..oh btw, the hotties name is Warren :P so evelyn and i excuse ourselves to go to the bathroom, and she was like hes sOOOO do i look? she was all nervous it was funny..i was just laughing at warren seemed to be checkin out evelyn in the beginning..shes def got the south american "Exotic" look going on..i think shes peruvian or something..anyway..then when matt left, and it was just us three, i felt like we were on an episode of dismissed or something..hehe..I mentioned san diego, and he said he was from PB! i almost died..thats what im talking about..the hottie is representin SD...PB BABY! then i told him im from del mar, and he knew i went to TP..i talked about how much i love sd..i bodyboard, etc was like the other girl didnt exist and him were having a good time..thennn after a bit, we all took off..damnit i wanted to get his number or something but that would be rude cuz the girl was supposed to get hooked upwith him..i guess he didnt dig her cause h e stopped talking to her halfway through..hehe..but godamn, if only i can see him one more time..he lives close to me too...newport and pb!! ahh..but im sure he gets girls up the ass, and im sure hes a player..part of me is like let him go..the other half is saying get his number, girl!! ehh i dunno about it..most likely, im gonna let it go cause i dont wanna deal with another playaaaaa...

Tomorrow night, im goin out with my SD kinda curious to see how it turns out cause they arent hardcore partyers..hehe..oh well, at least we can all hang out just expecting to get a couple drinks, and have a good time dancin at pb bar and expectations, right?
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