For all of this I'm better off without you (krazykwezy) wrote,
For all of this I'm better off without you


Well, I'm still sick...but at least my glands arent as swollen as before..going home today after my final (which i barely studied for..hey, im taking the class pass no pass!) i packed up all my stuff and im going home to sd for some TLC from my mommy..i aint goin to work the rest of the week..i just wanna be alone :(

whyy do i feel like i want a boyfriend right now?? hrmm?? i dont know if its a boyfriend...but im reaaally sick of meeting losers left and right..the past 4 yrs ive been in college i dont feel like ive met a guy who ive reallly connected with and just "clicked" i havent met a guy who i just felt totally at ease with..i dont even want a boyfriend in actuality..just a guy to talk to for hours on end, and have fun with..arghh..its so depressing when ur friends start hookin up with guys who are so WHOOPED over them...and ur stuck alone wallowing in your own misery

Now i bet ur telling me "why dont u just get off ur lazy ass and start meeting new guys?" well, my friend, if it were as easy as that..i wouldve met at least a dozen by now..ive learned that u cant "force" urself to get close to ppl or even meet ppl for that purpose..its like the more u try to meet new cool ppl, the less of a chance it'll happen..i dont like meeting guys at bars/clubs cause most are just sleazy and want to fuck u for the night..i dont have a group of close guy friends at college, and the ones from HS getting frustrated and bored but i dont know what to do about it..i sure as hell know that sitting around and complaining aint gonna do nothin, but this is my journal and im allowed to rant.


I sure do hope things will pick up for me...but i'm sure as hell not crossing my fingers..

Monotony, boredom, loneliness and frustration are the boyfriends in my life right now... :/
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