For all of this I'm better off without you (krazykwezy) wrote,
For all of this I'm better off without you

I'm goin goin back back to cali cali

Well kiddies, I'll be heading off to Tahoe tomorrow morning for a family trip! wheee!!! we all know how fun those are hehe...we rented an SUV cuz we are gonna drive up there, and need something reliable/spacious. I'm stoked cuz this yr i got my own board and boots (omg...i waited till the VERY last minute and ALMOST got assed out..but thank the lord, i got my dope ass northwaves on time and in the right size! talk about cuttin it close..had em shipped 2 day air)

Looking forward to seein the wonderful white blanket of'll be a good escape away from the monotony and boredom that has encompassed my life the past couple of weeks..nothing better than gliding down the packed powdery slopes on a cool winter day...ahhh..gotta love the smell of mountain air.

I'm spending Christmas with my cousins that live in San Jose. My mom told me the main reason why we are going to San Jose is to visit my grandparents grave :/ we havent paid respects in awhile..

Hope i come back from my trip in one piece :) see ya'll later
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