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For all of this I'm better off without you

*Warning* LONG ASS ENTRY!!!

Events during the past week:

My trip up north was pretty fun despite the fact that i was stuck in the same car with my family practically the entire time..we stayed at a hotel called silver legacy in reno for 2 nights and went boarding the days we were there..reno is only like 30 min away from north lake tahoe

We ended up goin boarding at this local place called Sugarbowl. lemme tell you..that place was OFF THE was def not for begineers cuz the runs were pretty steep and ungroomed..i guess they didnt wanna mess with the natural terrain took me a lil while to get used to my new board and boots (stoked on both) so i was a lil rusty for awhile...i go soo fast with my 153 K2...but i still have really good control cause its flexible as fuck..and the conditions at sugarbowl were AWESOME too..powder on a lot of runs, and reaally uncrowded..they had this one back country run where i was the only one there at one part...soo fuckin dope! so i had really fun tearin it up and i wanna go again soon..anyone wanna come with?

After three days at reno/tahoe, we headed down to san jose to pay respects to my grandparents grave and spend xmas with my cousins/aunts. It was nice seeing my lil cousins again (well, they arent exactly "little" they are 17 and 19)and just being with my family...good times! i had some bomb ass chinese food (san diego chinese food sux ass compared to up north chinese food) at this place called Dynasty on Xmas Eve. Unfortunately, we had to go back home on xmas cuz my brother had work the next day..ok this is when the hell starts..

On the way back from san jose, my brother gets food from this place called "taco time" that was located in a fuckin gas station. Keep in mind that this gas station is in the middle of timbucktoo...i remember thinking in the back of my mind "hmm..i wonder if this food is safe to eat.." but i was hungry and chowed down on the nachos anyway...oook..baad stomach started hurting a couple hours later, but i still managed to scarf down a huuuge meal of greasy stir fried chinese food and dumplings..*gags* by the time i got back to san diego my stomach reaally fucking first i thought it was just that i ate too i layed down and tried to "rest" the pain didnt help :/ i had a sharp pain in my stomach and it would NOT go away..

Let's make a long (and sickening) story short..i basically puked my entire dinner out that was sooo nasty..i woke up at like 3 am to least i didnt puke in my sleep..but yeah i felt sooo sick the next day..fuckin taco time! grrr..oh well...

Alright, so the barforama happened on wed nite and i was debating whether or not to go to someones 21st bday party on friday..fri rolled around and i felt pretty much fully recovered..i guess i was lucky and it lasted for 24 hrs..the party was for a guy i used to date a couple months ago..he has been iming me recently and been saying that he wants to become "homies again" and start chillin with me..he would really appreciate if i could come to his 21st party (he lives in costa mesa..about 15 min north of irvine) and he said he wants me to meet one of his friends or first i was like ehhh naww ill just take a raincheck and buy u a drink when i go up to irvine..thennn i got a voicemail from my coworker (the one who introduced me to the guy i dated) asking if im i felt kinda obligated to go..i didnt have anything better to do that nite so i decided on going..i dragged one of my friends up with me hehe..

What a fucking waste of gas, time and effort. I show up with a bottle of raspberry citron and the bday guy (guy i dated) doesnt even say thank you or didnt even say hi to me when i got in..i felt reaally unwelcome and like the "Ex" or was fucking bullshit. there was so much tension..oh did i forget to mention that his GIRLFRIEND was there..the hoe turned around, looked at me and like turned back around..didnt even say anything to me of course..there were like 8 guys there and they were all loozers..they looked like they belonged in high school...arghhh...bday guy was acting SO stupidly..i wanted to slap him..he kept on flirting with his gf and didnte ven acknowldege me..he KNEW i came up from fuckin san diego just to say "whats up" since he kept begging me to come he just pretends i dont exist..i was furious. that is so disrespectful and rude! 30 min later my friend saves me and says one of our friends needs help..ahhaha so we get the fuck out and go to the spectrum..on the bright side, we had some reaally good spinach dip :) nummy...first solid food in days!

Thennn last night..hoooly shit i was ALMOST as wasted as i was on my bday nite..lets just say..i was preettty gone..ranked slightly behind bday night..i was supposed to go clubbing with some of my hs friends at this place in gaslamp..but i went to the clubs website and it said that it was 70s/80s night and i was ehh i dunno about that...i dont think i can hang with that type of cheezy music the whole i was feelin a bit tired and other friend didnt wanna go cuz she had a huge migraine..buttt the girl who invited us just told us to come and that she wouldnt stay that long..she just was goin cuz her friend really wanted to go..

The place (Have a Nice Day Cafe) wasnt too was more of a bar than a club..the dance floor was really small, and yes, they did play 70/80s music (but some shitty but danceable "top 40s") the ppl were pretty friendly and we got in early so we had the priviledge of partaking in happy hour drink specials! 2 dolla well drinks!!! i had waaay too much to drink that nite..(all on an empty stomach and recently recovered food poisioned tummy)RECAP: buttery nipple, cough syrup tasting shot, midori sour, two test tube shots, some jungle juice, 2 tequilla shots (bartender poured it into my mouth for freee hehe that was kinda fun :P), and a lemon drop..i think the lemon drop finished me off haha..

On the better note, i met a nice, respectful blonde dude with a cute smile!..i was eyeing him and i saw he was checking me out..i wasnt about to go say sup to him..he should go up to me first!!! :P then next thing i knew, i was dancin by myself and he came right up to me..his name is grant, and hes a professional golfer hehe..hes 24 and hes pretty dope..i wouldnt mind hanging out with him..gave him my numba but i dont think hes gonna remember me or even call..blehhh...but i have his numba..i dunno about calling him though..he said he will call me today so we can watch lord of the not expecting nothin though. That would be nice if he did call though :)

oh, and i danced on the bar last nite ! ;) ive always wanted to do that..i finally just did was kinda fun but scary at the same time. I felt like i was gonna fall off and felt like a piece of meat cuz guys were cheering at my ass! ahhaa..i was holding onto this metal railing with my deal life and got down a few min later..couldnt dance that much cuz i was scared of falling :P ill leave that up to the white chicks..they dont seem to care about falling as much hahahaa...

Alright im gonna do some laundry not even gonna party hard this new years..i already abused my body way too much..its time to treat it nicely :)my friend is having some small get together at her phat house..dont mind chilin around for new years..she mentioned karaoke and im SO THERE! peace ya'll
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