For all of this I'm better off without you (krazykwezy) wrote,
For all of this I'm better off without you

Happy Fucking New Years...

well, it looks like my vacation away from irvine has come to a complete halt. In about an hr, i'll be on my way back to my house in irvine along with the monotonous schedule of school and work.

Everyone keeps telling me that I should just tryyy and make the most out of my last much as i want to graduate and get the fuck out, i guess i should at least ATTEMPT to be more positive this year and stop bitchin and complaining that much about whatever AILS me in irvine..ahhhh..thats my top new years just TRY To be as happy as i can in college.

On the brighter side, two weeks away from school and work have proved to be awesome! i had a great time just sleeping in, lounging around and partying. (last nite i went to gaslamp again and went bar hopping....had about 3 shots *three wise men ahhh* and found myself dancing on the bar counter was reaally slippery and i was skeered so i got down fast haha)i went with one of my hs friends and her friend who is an foreign exchange student..hes in the UCLA MBA program i think..he was waay nice and sweet..insisted on always spottingi us for drinks..opened the car door for me and all..aww..i need to find me some nice Georgian boys hehe (i think he's from a part of Russia called Georgia or something..not sure)

Hanging out with my high school friends is always fun..i feel like even though we are dispersed around the country (LA, new york, berkeley, etc) weve all grown in our own ways and have become even closer since hs..we understand what we are all goin thru and just are on the same PAGE..its difficult to find ppl who u can totally relate to..on the other hand, they can sometimes be quite conservative and of my friends in particular is reaally judgemental, narrow minded and bitches a lot..she sometimes pisses the hell outta me, but still is a good person to talk to haha..shes a good listener and doesnt tell me to shutup when i bitch and moan haha..i was gonna go to europe with her and my other friend, but i dont think i want to anymore..partly cuzi just want to get school over with (taking summer school) and also cuz i dont think that they are the right ppl to go travelling with...i think im aiming to go to hawaii in august..hopefully, some of my friends cane come.

But reaally gonna try hard and focus on gettin shit done this year. Gonna graduate with good grades, job offers (hopefully!!) and a fresh, newfound perspective on life. sometimes i just get myself down and become really focused on the negative aspects of life..i have to keep reminding myself that life is just TOO short to wallow in our own self is about learning and growing from ur experiences..whether good or bad. we are constantly changing, and im striving my uttermost HARDEST to change for the better..i feel like finishing college is just paving the way to new life for me..i think im outgrown a lot of things this past year and have a new perspective on friendships, relationships, and life in general.

Alright, im gonna get going now...pack up more shiet..havent seen my roomates in a couple of weeks..this should always be interesting..*rolls eyes* hahaha...
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