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krazykwezy's Journal

For all of this I'm better off without you
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All I have to say is keep it simple, real, and do what you want regardless of what others say. Don't let anyone drag you down. We all deserve to be happy, and no one has the right to stand in your way.

What I've learned: Always remember to...

follow your heart, stay true to yourself, listen to your heart, learn from your mistakes, not dwell on negative things, be open minded, not judge your friends, believe in yourself, listen to your conscience, have faith in others, take time out to reflect, follow your dreams, be positive/optimistic about the future, allow yourself to grow and change, not care about what others think of you, work hard but play hard too, balance your life, and...

Good things will happen to you. I promise.

My Anthem

Sorry you can't define me

Sorry I break the mold

Sorry that I speak my mind

Sorry don't do what I'm told

Sorry if I don't fake it

Sorry I come too real

I will never hide what I truly feel

So here it is

No Hype

No Glass

No Pretense

Just me...Stripped.

I'm that girl you don't notice now, but will fall in love with when it's too late.